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Mini pin type bead mill

Small Pin Type Bead Mill  

The type is the world’s top wet grinding machine, designed and developed for ultrafine grinding materials of high cleanliness and without metal contamination. High quality of ELE Full Ceramic Pin Type Bead  Mill not only comes from its outstanding processing technology, but also sources on strict quality  control for raw material .All used high -purity ceramic raw materials are imported.
Product Feature:

  • All ceramic structure, high wearing resistant, no material pollution
    Multiple cooling system , powerful cooling efficiency
    Efficient separation system, not block or break beads, discharging more smoothly and more quickly
    High energy intensive output, even smaller grinding fineness
    With excellent length and diameter ratio, narrower particle size distribution

Configuration parameters:
  • The rotor material: high wearing resistant ceramic zirconia
    Chamber material: high wearing resistant ceramic zirconia/silicon carbide, etc
    Sealing way: cartridge double mechanical seal, dedicated to bead mill, specially designed for materials with small granule .Whole unit, convenient to install and use, no need professionals to change it
    Discharging sieve specifications: large area of tubular reseau, 0.05/0.1/0.3/0.5 mm optional
    Instrument: electric contact pressure gauge & electric contact temperature gauge (with temperature protection, automatic stop over limit).
    Feeding pump: pneumatic diaphragm pump, screw pump or gear pump
    Grinding medium: pure zirconia beads with more than 95% zirconium content, beads size 0.1~1.0mm
    Electrical control system: explosion-proof/non explosion-proof configuration optional, with site operation panel (touch screen/frequency infinitely adjustable-speed optional)


Paint: automobile paint, finish paint, wood paint, industrial paint, etc
Printing ink: gravure printing ink, offset printing ink, silk screen ink, UV light solid ink, inkjet, etc
color paste, pigment, carbon black, phthalocyanine blue, yellow, titanium dioxide, dyestuff, pen liquid, watercolor
Electronic materials: battery diaphragm alumina, Fe batteries, ceramic slurry,
Chocolate syrup, pesticide concentrated suspension, biologic medicine, cosmetics, microbial functional materials.
Nanometer material,  metal oxide, magnetic materials, papermaking industry, optoelectronic industry.

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Technical data:

Chamber volume/L







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