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We go spearhead in the sector of dispersing, fineness grinding and mixing, especially for the machine researching and developing. Our target is keeping advanced technology and makes great effort to develop global market.

More and more chemical industry factories like Paint, Ink, Pigment, Color Paste, NANO Material, Putty, Mortar, Resin, Writing Ink, Adhesive, Cosmetic, Medicine, Farm Chemical, Auxiliary, Water Treatment, Textile Printing & Assistant, Washing Agent, Washing Powder, Emulsified Asphalt, Paper Making, Rubber Additives, Pharmaceutical intermediates, Biochemical, Grease, Lithium cell paste, Oil Emulsion have join us. By now, we have made more than 14367 solutions for chemical industry enterprise on the global world, and succeed used unit machines 6984 set, 724 sets of non-standard mixing solution, and 389 sets of Turn-key projects.

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