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High Speed Disperser Application

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

High Speed Disperser Application

The high-speed dispersing machine adopts various specifications such as electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation and three-speed; hydraulic and mechanical lifting forms; common and explosion-proof configuration; and dispersing disc type: flat-disk serrated type, dish type and other forms. There are different powers and models for the viscosity and throughput of different materials. The high-speed dispersing machine can perform high-speed shearing, impacting, crushing and dispersing of materials at high speed through the high-speed operation of the upper and lower teeth of the dispersing disc, and achieve the functions of rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing and refining.

Different power and type for different materials' viscosity and treatment volume High-speed disperser is a high-efficiency equipment for stirring and dissolving liquid and solid. It is widely used in chemical products such as paints, inks, pigments and adhesives. High-speed dispersers are mainly used for medium viscosity materials. The three aspects of reliability, economy and multi-purpose are the important reasons why Hengli high-speed dispersing machine is quickly favored by customers.

With the increasing demand for products in the market, customers have put forward higher requirements for equipment, and traditional high-speed dispersion can not meet the demand for high-performance products. To this end, we have developed a high-speed dispersion that can operate under vacuum on the basis of traditional high-speed dispersion. It is the best equipment on the market. It has the characteristics of vacuum operation. At the same time, it can move up and down under vacuum condition, and with the vacuum operated scraper, it can achieve excellent mixing in a short time. effect. This model is especially suitable for products with higher viscosity, such as pigments.

Vacuum disperser is suitable for various chemical industries such as paints, dyes, pigments, paints, inks, adhesives, resins, ointments, cosmetics, paper, food, rubber, composites, insulating materials, magnetic materials and other colorants. Processing equipment for dispersion, grinding, stirring, homogenization, mixing and dissolution by liquid-solid method. Also used in the process of multi-bubble materials and more volatile solvents, the material is dispersed in a vacuum container by vacuuming, and the volatilization of bubbles and solvents is reduced, and the dispersion of the materials can be accelerated by dispersion in a vacuum state. Quickly defoam the material.

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